Cardboard Christmas Activities

Great activity for small kids, especially if you have some big cardboard at hand (such as our empty…


Winter Mittens

Great activity including outlining of the kid’s hand and cutting with scissors. After that you draw the two…


Merry Penguins

Awesome decoration with penguins made by the kids from the “Step” workshop in Sofia (Bulgaria) See more:    

Коледен календар - къщички от  хартиени пликове

Christmas Advent Calendar – Paper Bag Houses

We have used paper bags from the shop, but if you do not have some you can make…

Pop Up snowflakes

Pop Up snowflakes

see our video:  see more:


Paper Giraffes – so easy to make

 Take a yellow sheet of paper and roll it into a cone. Glue it. Cut the cone so…


Masks from Corrugated Cardboard and Colored Paper

Great, modern and very beautiful are the masks made by the kids from “The Kids’ Houde”, Varna, Bulgaria….


The Eiffel Tower or a trip to Paris :)

We are in love with the Eiffel Towers   The kids from the Kid’s architecture workshop have made them.  …


Paper creatures

Have a look at these marvelous paper creatures, made by the kids from A Group for Children’s Theater Camel,…

DIY Bats


The six-year old kids from “Ariel” group of “Nightingale” kindergarten, Plovdiv, and their teacher Olimpia Miran, have made…

A House Haunted by Ghosts

A House Haunted by Ghosts

Have a look at this great idea for a house that comes from the kids, visiting the kid’s…


Quick decoration – spiderweb on a pumpkin

Quick decoration – spiderweb on a pumpkin. You need a pumpkin, thumb tacks and black thread. You can…


Plasticine and seeds pictures

These are the plasticine and seeds pictures made by the 3rd grade kids from KlimenT Ohridski school, Pavlikeni…


Easy-To-Make Friendly Ghosts for Halloween

An easy-to-make idea for Halloween from Stela Ladybirds in my garden. Small friendly ghosts made from gauze. Use 10cmx10cm…


The Turnip – An Accordion Pocket Booklet

  Fabrika Knizanka presents to us an easy and fun way to stimulate your kid to draw and tell…


Halloween Door Decoration

See the awesome Halloween Door Decoration, made by the children from “The kid’s House”, Varna ( Bulgaria).  see more:


Let’s paint with words

  These are the pictures of the kids from 68th school “Nikola Obreshkov” (grades 3 and 4) and their…


Pumpkin Fantasies

Join the kinds from group 2, “Prolet” kindergarten, Sevlievo, and their teacher, Violeta Vasileva, and make a pumpkin…


Friendly Ghost from Metal Hanger and Thread

You will need a metal hanger, white thread and duct tape, for eyes and mouth. Bend the hanger…

Поп-арт паяжина

Op-art spider web

This activity is excellent for not so small kids! Let’s make a spider web interweaving two sheets of…

A Castle with Dinosaurs and Knights with Chestnuts

A Castle with Dinosaurs and Knights with Chestnuts

  A castle made of cardboard paper, inhabited with ferocious dinosaurs and attacked by a legion of knights…


A pumpkin picture made of plasticine

Have a look at the idea presented by umeia.com . It shows you how to make such a pumpkin with…


Scary hands from paper – A Halloween Decoration

They are so easy to make, and so scary. You can print our hands on white or green…

pumpkins kid crafts

It’s time for pumpkins – cut and glue

You need: white, orange, black and green papers glue and scissors  see also:


Grapes – cut and glue

You need: white and blue paper glue and scissors printable template see also:


Fall paper lace

Do you like оur new paper “lace” with leaves. The style is definitely ”MATISSE“. It is so easy. You…


DIY Goldfish Bowls

 You need: dry fall leaves white and blue paper glue markers  see more:

Make Aliens & Monsters from pinecone and tooth sticks

Make Aliens & Monsters from pinecone and tooth sticks

Look at the ideas of the kids, visiting the kids’ workshop FANTASY. They have used natural materials, tooth…

fall forest

Autumn forest for toddler

  An Fall forest, made from glued colour rings of paper – an idea that came from the…


Leaves Prints MANDALAS

Beautiful mandalas made of leaves colored prints. You need some dry leaves (different in form) and tempera/acrylic paints….

3D Playdough Picture

3D Playdough Pictures with Natural Materials To Be Found In The Garden:)

See the awesome 3D playdough pictures, made by the children from “The kid’s House”, Varna ( Bulgaria). You need:…


DIY – an Apple Cushion!

Have a look at these apple-shaped decorative pillow. See also the cut out template. They are so easy…

simple apple craft

Simple Apple Craft

To make the apple more stable, stick a piece of cardboard at the bottom.   see also:


Bookworm Bookmark

You will need: template scissors colored paper strips colored paper glue paper punch ribbon   Еnjoy your book!…



See the awesome sunflowers, made by the children from “The kid’s House”, Varna. You need: template green pipe-cleaners…


Bulgarian Alphabet Song + arrangement and print

It’s so easy to learn the alphabet through signing and drawing, isn’t it? That’s why we present again…


Picturesque Autumn Leaves

Picturesque autumn leaves, covered in transparent adhesive tape (different colors). They are perfect for your autumn decoration See…

School Schedule - Fish

School Schedule – Fish

This is an idea shown to us last year by one of our readers. The fish is the well-known Cardboard…